Ticket Info

Full ticket for scenic spot: 75 yuan per person

Half-ticket ticket for scenic spot: 45 yuan per person

Tourist tickets for scenic spots: 15 yuan per person

(1) Preferential crowd policy:

①The price of 45 yuan can be paid to children with student certificates (including those below undergraduate level), height of 1.2-1.4 meters and elders aged 60-65 (excluding).

② Children under 6 years of age (including) or 1.2 meters of height (including) should be led by their guardians and admitted to the park free of charge.

③ Certificates of active servicemen, retired cadres, elders over 65, disabled persons, tour guides and journalists are free to enter the park.

(2) Other explanations:

① Ticket-free people need to buy sightseeing tickets (15 yuan per person)

② If it is rainstorm, no garden entry is allowed.