Daguishan Liuyang Top

        Legend has it that during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, there was a severe drought in Lingnan and there was no grain harvest. The people knelt down day and night and prayed to God for the immortal rice to be planted in order to keep the five grains prosperous, which touched God. Yudi sent six immortal sheep with five-color rice ears to Lingnan, which gave the people five-color rice ears, and Lingnan has been rich in grain ever since. The ewes of the fairy goats came to Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou with four lambs waiting for the reunion of the rams, but the rams were reluctant to leave Daguishan Mountain, which was at the junction of Guangdong and Guangxi, because they were fascinated by the beautiful scenery of Guangxi. Therefore, Guangzhou is named "Wuyang City". The ram that remained at the top of the main peak of Dagui Mountain had to look south from the top of the mountain, hence the name "Liuyang Top".

        As the highest point of Daguishan National Forest Park, Liuyang Ding can not help but give life to Du Fu's heroic feeling of "going to the top and seeing all the small mountains". Passing through the cable suspension bridge makes people feel at ease. The winding corridor makes you look like a picture. The biggest God of wealth in Hezhou is situated on the top of the sheep's roof. The perennial incense is exuberant, and tourists come in endlessly. Golden sheep are high above the mountains of Guangdong and Guizhou. In the viewing pavilion, you can have a bird's eye view of the undulating forest and sea scenery and the winding scenery of the Hejiang River.