Rattan World in Daguishan

        The world of rattan is the gathering place of rattan in Daguishan National Forest Park. There are about 20 kinds of rattan in the park. The largest diameter is about 25 centimeters, and the longest is about 3000 meters. The shape of rattan is peculiar and diverse. There are round, square, flat, triangle and so on. And some rattan species are precious medicinal materials under special protection of the state, such as Caulis spatholobi, Alpinia oblongata, etc. There are many kinds of rattan, which are intertwined endlessly, so it is called "rattan world". Guteng branches grow freely like dragons, some dance vigorously like dragons, some circle on the ground like silver snakes, and some old giant vines, old stem twigs, simple and vigorous, lush branches and leaves, higher than the surface of clouds. The world of rattan on such a scale is unique in other places, so it is also known as the "Kingdom of Giant Rattan".

藤类世界2.jpg 藤类世界3.jpg